intense jogging

In terms of exercise, far too many people take an all or nothing approach. Either you are training for a marathon, or you are a total couch potato. Although this leads some people to getting physically fit, most people find this approach discouraging. A lot of people who might be motivated to exercise otherwise, drop out under the pressures of unrealistic expectations.

I used to think that I never would be fit. You see, most of my friends are into jogging exercises. My knees are bad, and besides that I was severely overweight. I thought there was no way I could workout until I discovered walking for exercise. Walking is actually a great exercise, it turns out. Walking exercise is very good for you because it is a low impact workout. Walking for exercise has many of the benefits of jogging without any of the drawbacks. It elevates your heartbeat, get your blood pumping, and even strengthens your legs. It does all of this without putting unnecessary strain on your knees. My friends who are jogging won’t be able to jog in 10 years. The jogging might actually make it so that they can’t walk. But I will be able to walk for exercise for as long as I’m alive. It’s really a great routine!

Few people really understand the possibilities of walking for weight loss. They think that, because walking for exercise is a more moderate exercise than jogging, you won’t be able to lose as much weight. In fact, although you may not be able to lose weight quite as fast, it is comparable. Most people can walk for longer, so walking for exercise can actually cause you to lose more weight.

You see, it is not how intense the workout is that determines how much weight you lose, it is how long it is. If you can moderately elevate your heart rate for 40 minutes by walking for exercise, it will do more good for you than 20 minutes of intense jogging. The benefits of walking for exercise include weight loss, better cardiovascular health, more flexibility, and a better mood. Once you start exercising regularly, you’ll feel better than you ever have before. Most of the moodiness that most people get, in fact, can be alleviated through regular exercise. That is why I go on a walking workout every day. I always feel better after walking for exercise. And feeling good, after all, is what it is all about.