gym and fitness center

Keep that heart-rate up! That’s what my mother’s doctor was just telling her. Not all the time of course. Just for about 45 minutes, five days each week. It’s great to get that blood pumping and those calories burning. In fact, it’s essential if you plan to remain healthy and thin. And I think we all want to stay this way. So, the big question is; what are you doing to achieve this goal? I have my personal routines, and have come to enjoy them. This is not bogus. You really can enjoy exercise and fitness regimes. The wonderful results will make you want to work harder. Anyway, for those of you out there who haven’t found a decent fitness routine, I will recommend walking for exercise. This is a great way to get in shape.

So many people have ditched the gym and fitness center scene. They’re tired of the massive monthly memberships and towel fees. They want their exercise to be free and lack the filth of other people’s sweat. That’s understandable, right? Well, if this rings a bell with you, then maybe you’ve considered walking for exercise. It’s easy, there’s no driving involved, and it’s free. You can’t say the same for most exercise regimes. Heck, most workouts even tend to require equipment of some sort. That can turn into a hassle for some folks. If you’re one of them, walking for exercise is for you. The reason I promote walking over running is simple. Running has been proven to have nasty effects on your body. For example, slamming the heals of your feet into the pavement below can really take a toll on your ankle and knee joints. In addition, running jars your insides. This can lead to the unnatural shifting of organs. I seriously doubt that anyone wants to deal with that.

Where do you live? So many individuals and families reside in suburbs and neighborhoods that are ideal for walking. This means there is no excuse for you not walking for exercise. Get outdoors and get going. Be sure to dress for the season. Take in all the sights of your neighborhood, while getting your exercise done right. Also, try to only walk during daylight hours. This makes the most sense since that’s when you can be aware of your surroundings.