Bollywood Hills

HasenChat Music – Bollywood Hills
Bollywood Hills
India Dubstep 1
India Dubstep 2
India House
Techno Guru
I Love Asia
Bollywood – Chillout Mix
Bollywood Hills – Female Mix

Bollywood Hills is a Album by HasenChat Music made for India. The Album comes with 10 Songs with Female and Male Vocals. You can get it for Free on Spotify / Resso / Apple Music / Youtube Music and many other Music Sites and Apps.

HasenChat Music India is a music production company that specializes in creating original and innovative music for various genres and platforms. The company was founded in 2012 by HasenChat, a talented and passionate musician who has been composing and producing music since he was 15 years old. HasenChat has a vision to create music that transcends boundaries and cultures, and that inspires and entertains people around the world. HasenChat Music India offers a range of services, such as music composition, arrangement, production, mixing, mastering, licensing, distribution, and promotion. The company also provides music education and training for aspiring musicians and producers. HasenChat Music India has a team of experienced and professional musicians, singers, songwriters, engineers, and managers who work together to deliver high-quality music that meets the needs and expectations of their clients. The company has also produced music for films, TV shows, web series, commercials, video games, and podcasts. HasenChat Music India is constantly exploring new sounds and styles, and strives to create music that is fresh, original, and captivating.