wheelchair exercise routine

When people come down with serious injuries that force them to use wheelchairs, they often become rather sedentary. Their arms will become strengthened in the course of learning to use a wheelchair, but they will neglect exercise whenever it is possible. Many times, people will even let others push them around in their wheelchairs. This is bad. If you are forced to use a wheelchair, exercise is more important than ever. Wheelchair exercise should be done every day.

Mobility stores, you see, will provide you with all that you need to get around, but they will not provide you with the means to stop your body from degenerating further. That is something you have to do by yourself. There are many wheelchair exercises that you can use to keep your whole body fit. Of course, you can do cardiovascular exercise with your upper body. You can get a wheelchair exercise machine that will allow you to move your arms around in a circle, increasing strength and stimulating your heart. You can use an exercise machine, or use free weights as long as you have a spotter. Once you get used to it, there is no limit to the amount of wheelchair exercise you can do.

The wheelchair exercises that you do should not only strengthen your upper body, but stop your lower body from deteriorating. If you have any mobility in your legs, you should find a wheelchair exercise that will allow you to gently work them. Not only will this keep them stronger, but it will also allow you to move your lower body around. This will decrease the likelihood of the types of lower back injuries that occur from spending too much time sitting in a wheelchair.

A good wheelchair exercise routine, designed by a competent physical therapist, can make all the difference in your long-term health. Remember, just because you are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean your life is over. It is easy to fall into complacency and become used to having everything done for you. It is easy to neglect wheelchair exercise, figuring that you are doomed to be frail and infirm. In reality, however, you are as responsible for making your own destiny as anyone is. Wheelchair exercise can help with that! If you have to use a wheelchair, you will have to work twice as hard to keep fit. But the health benefits are worth the effort!