What Does Annika Know About Exercise That You Don’t

Think of your golf game. Visualize connecting with your drive and sinking your putt. Now think of exercise and how it relates to your golf game. Do you do a total body workout several times per week? Do you have a tailored fitness regimen that pays special attention to certain muscle groups? Do you even exercise at all?

Annika Sorenstam has an exercise plan which is adding value to her game as she rules the LPGA tour. There are three key elements to her exercise program that have produced successful results. Can you guess the three elements? They are commitment, discipline, and dedication.

Commitment: It is crucial to commit yourself to an exercise program. Committing yourself to an exercise program demonstrates that you believe the program will be beneficial. It is also a good idea to be accountable. Write your commitment and set of goals in a workout journal or notepad. Make the commitment a reality by following a specific course of action towards your intended goals for best results.

Discipline: Discipline involves sticking to the exercise plan. Don’t allow excuses to prevail. Once you have a specific golf fitness exercise plan, then follow it as it is laid out. If the plan calls for a specific core muscle exercise then do the core muscle exercise whether you prefer to do it or not. There are times when certain exercises are more preferential and beneficial in your exercise program. There are also specific times when stretching can be helpful to your game. Everyone has days when exercise is not at the top of their list of favorable activities. However, it is your discipline that will produce the consistency you are looking for in your game.

Dedication: Dedication comes into play when the going gets tough. You will no doubt have obstacles along the way such which prevent you from following even the most detailed plans of action. Remember though that the main difference between those who are successful and those who are not usually comes back to a golfer’s dedication with his or her golf exercise program regardless of the interference. Top fitness doesn’t happen over night. It is essential to stick with your fitness program even if the results are slow to surface.

Annika Sorenstam has taken commitment, discipline, and dedication to heart. The results have been displayed through her successful LPGA record. Become healthy, fit, and strong by making exercise a focal point of your golf game. A decrease in your handicap will prove that your commitment, discipline, and dedication to exercise were well worth it.