What Are HGH Supplements

Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, is a complex molecule composed of 191 amino acids. HGH is released from the pituitary gland of our brain in pulses. HGH is usually released from this part of the brain during the first phases of a deep sleep. HGH is then converted in the liver to make proteins that are vital to repair damaged tissue and bones. This is why HGH is typically injected into patients of burns and those recovering from surgery since it speeds up the healing process. Also because of its healing effects, may body builders take extra HGH in the form of supplements, whether it is through injections, oral sprays, pills, or powder form.

HGH supplements are known to improve strength and training effects, but it is debatable as to whether or not these HGH supplements are safe for your body. HGH is one of the most wonderful substances for longevity, strength and health. However, it has been said that it is only wonderful if you create it yourself the way nature intended you to, rather than putting extra into your body. HGH supplement shots are expensive and they usually don’t measure up to the results one gets from a good training program. Through a vigorous and a push-you-to-the-limit work out, you can produce enough HGH to save you several thousands of dollars on injections. Injections and HGH supplements are usually just for people looking for a shortcut, which, depending on who you are, can sometimes be a good thing.

It is only fair to list here some of the results that people who were involved in an HGH test received from taking HGH supplements. Some of these effects took 3 months to show up in those taking the test. Increased muscle mass and strength was the obvious result. Since their bodies were getting more HGH, they were repairing damaged muscles from weight training faster. Obviously, along with more muscle came less body fat. Some reported having more skin elasticity and a better skin texture. New hair growth was reported, but rare (and usually on body parts other than the scalp). An improved sexual function and potency was gained by some (by both men and women) and an improved memory and mood was also reported.