Weight Training

Weight training has long been known to improve health, improve strength, step up vigor, and improve the physique. Men have been taking advantage of this fact for many years now, but many women have avoided weight training and continue to do so because they see it as a masculine thing meant to bulk up muscle.

Many women have abstained from training with weights because of some misconceptions associated with women and weight training. If you have never given any thought to working out with weights before, it is probably because one or more of the common myths about women’s weight training is stopping you.

Let’s take a look at some of these myths and let’s find out just what the real truth is and why you should not let them stop you from taking advantage of all the benefits weight training has to offer.

One common myth is that some women think they are too old to work with weights. The truth is you are never too old to be able to strengthen and tone your muscles. By using lighter weights and a relatively low intensity program you can still benefit from weight training. It has been proven through studies that people as old as 80 and even 90 who started weight training saw up to a 200% increase in strength over a one month period.

Another common myth is that some women think they will lose their flexibility with weight training. The truth here is that weight training will actually help you to become more flexible. By doing weight training exercises through a full range of motion your muscles are put into a stretch with each repetition and by strengthening them, they are less prone to injury while doing stretching exercises.

This next myth is probably the most common one by far. Many women think that if they lift weights they will develop big muscles and look bulky and unfeminine. Nothing can be further from the truth! The fact is, women don’t have near enough of the male hormone testosterone, and testosterone is the major growth hormone that will produce bulky muscles. Unless women use supplemental means like steroids and growth hormone, they cannot bulk up like men. Weight training will get you firm and toned but by no means will it make you look manly.

One myth that is fairly common is that some women think that weight training is just boring and tedious. The truth is that weight training can be done with a friend, and you can make each other laugh as well as help keep each other on track. You can listen to music as you exercise. You can mix different exercises into your routine and change up your routine from time to time. You will also find that as your strength and your body are improving, you will feel so much better about it all. When you reach a certain goal, give yourself a reward like eating out in a fancy restaurant or taking a weekend vacation somewhere nice.

Now that you know the truth to some of the myths that have been stopping you from enjoying the many benefits of weight training, there is no reason for you not to make it a part of you exercise regimen. Weight training is no longer strictly for men only. So get up, get to the weights, and get fit for life.