weight lifting exercise routines

If there’s one thing in this world that can truly empower you, it’s staying physically fit. When your body is primed and strong, you feel so much healthier and ready to take on anything. One way to achieve this is through weight lifting exercise. And don’t assume this is a practice exclusively for men. It’s totally not. Both genders can enjoy the benefits of weight lifting, as well as cardio regimes. Build those muscles and stay strong. You’ll really be glad you did as you begin to hit your mid-life. Things aren’t as easy once you’re in your sixties and seventies. The extra muscle will serve you well.

If you’re considering weight lifting exercise routines, I suggest you start small. Just because you see others pumping mad iron at the local gym, doesn’t mean that you have to compete with them. Dismiss what others are doing. They’re not you and they’re not your competition. You are! Now, if your goal is to put on lean muscle mass, then you’ll want to begin with lower reps heavier weights. But not too heavy! It’s imperative to know your limits. Over-straining your muscles will get you no where. Let’s say you’re starting with the bench press. This is a wonderful compound exercise. Add a small amount to the barbell in order to get a feel for it. See how many reps you can do. Then you can adjust the weight accordingly. You should be able to accomplish 8-12 reps for building mass. Think along the lines of four sets per exercise. Now, if you can only do two reps, you’ve added too much weight. You’re closer to your max at that point.

I first got into weight lifting exercise routines three years ago. Since then I’ve put on about 10 pounds of lean muscle. This is not bad. However, folks who’re serious enough can pack on quite a bit more. One thing I suggest you do is set a schedule. Work different muscle groups on different days. You may want to try chest, triceps and shoulders on one day; biceps, back and abs on another, and legs on another. And finally, it’s crucial to remember that your diet will play a role in building lean muscle mass. Without the proper nutrients, you’ll get nowhere.