Understanding Exercise Misconceptions

Fitness and exercise are gaining popularity over the past decades for many reasons. People engage in these activities to improve their circulatory, respiratory, and immune system. Others exercise to eliminate stress and anxiety from their busy lives. Regardless of the reasons, many people are seriously working put and are gaining minimal results. This happens because of misconceptions about exercise are some reasons that prevent many individuals from getting in shape. Understanding these misconceptions are essential in achieving one’s desired results.

Many individuals think that going to the gym and spending excess time is a great way to develop results fast. People who want to improve their health should bear in mind that there are no short cuts in physical fitness. Too much training may hinder muscle growth rather than develop them. In working out, the resting phase is as important as the training period. Too much training may lead to fatigue and cause more harm than good. Over-training in men may temporarily reduce sperm count and quality. This happens because the body literally “kills” itself during work outs. To build muscles and improve the body, the body needs to rest to attain normal cell development. Too much physical activity may reduce the level of hormones in the blood stream that affects sperm production. The good news is, the sperm levels may return to normal levels after three days.

Another misconception that is believed by many is, the latest gym equipments should be used to achieve desirable results. There are different kinds of contraptions designed for workout out in the market, telling what can be achieved by using them can be difficult. Many health and fitness specialists believe that “exercise buffs” do not need to use expensive equipments to achieve health improvements. Equipments like dumbbells are capable of enhancing overall health and well-being. Many exercises with dumbbells are beneficial in preventing plateaus from occurring, a period when one’s weight doesn’t change. Some plateaus last for weeks while others for months. Using dumbbells can give effective and affordable workout in the privacy of one’s home. In addition there are also many cheap fitness accessories that are easy to use like fitness balls and resistance bands. Consult health professionals to know exercises that can be done with these accessories.

Working out oftentimes doesn’t require the use equipments, anaerobic exercises like push-ups, pull-overs, and pull-backs are typically performed to develop power and tone the muscles. Some health studies claim that these anaerobic exercises should be done in repetitions of 100 for maximum development.
Plyometric training is another way of developing speed and power without the use of weights and other equipments. This kind of training seeks to improve the reaction of individuals through vigorous muscle contraction because fast extraordinary contractions. Examples of lower body plyometric exercises are: standing jumps, tuck jumps, split jumps and long jumps. Upper body plyometric exercises may include press and hand claps. Another method for developing one’s upper body may be done with the use of a medicine ball. A partner drops a medicine ball towards the chest of another person who catches the ball and throws it back This method is considered a high intensity exercise and should only be done after basic conditioning.

Individuals who decide to include a regular program of physical activity are encouraged to consult doctors and other health professionals for exercise advice. This is important because a lot of individuals tend to workout too much, improperly, and use the inappropriate equipments. Understanding proper workout and including a healthy diet in one’s lifestyle may lead to improved health and overall well-being.