Sparring And Exercises

When you think of Hapkido, do you think of the Great New Hapkido Training Video? I know I do. In this video, you will find many useful techniques great for exercising and in turn it helps you to develop more internal energy.

The Hapkido Training Video gives you a great inside look into the world of Hapkido. It is also great for those just beginning or the more advanced users. In this amazing Video, you will learn Kicks, different Strikes, and Blocks from Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim himself. There are over 75 different techniques covered in this video.

I am going to list some of these techniques below.

The first is the Stance, as this is very important to me. You cannot complete any of the great moves without first having the proper stance to begin with.

Next is the Danjun Breathing, which covers from the beginners to the more advanced users. Breathing is important in so many ways to properly executing the moves; it also shows you how to do these moves without wearing yourself out.

Next is the Vital Point Attacking, which shows you which points you should focus on.

I learned a lot from the next point and that is the Vital Point Theory. In this, it will discuss the theory behind why you should or should not hit in the Vital Points of the body.

Next we have Striking, from using your elbows, to knifehand and then into the backfist.

You will then be shown Blocking, using either a single or double arm move.

It will also cover how to fall properly, which, believe me, can save you many injuries alone. You will be shown how to fall forward, backward, on your side, to aero, and of course, rolling falls.

You will then move onto kicking, which is a very important part of self-defense and attacking your opponent during a sparing match. You will be shown single, doubles, combinations, and special Kicks. The Hapkido Training Video will cover more than 51 kicks total.

You will also be shown single, double, cross and even rear wrist grabs. It will cover both front and rear bear hugs, to help keep your opponent immobile while effectively slowing them down.

You will also go over Punches, front and rear collar grabs, and belt grabs, even elbows grabs.

The Hapkido Training DVD was filmed in Korea, with four series included, the first series is the DVD-HKD5 Hapkido Essentials, the DVD-HKD6 AND 7 Hapkido Self-Defense Volume 1 and 2, and finally, DVD-HKD8 THE 2003 Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido Championship DVD.

The first Volume will give you Hapkido’s Stand up Defense, in which you will learn from the head master himself.

So why not go out and enjoy the DVD as I did, and realize that learning this beautiful art is easier than you believe.