reviews fad diet books

The Rocky Mountain News’ energetic and prolific health and fitness writer, Lisa Ryckman, is always a good read. In this particular column, she reviews some current fad diets with a deliciously mordant wit. See, it’s hard to fool a fitness writer who really knows what she is talking about.

Read the whole column but here are some excerpts.

On the “Quaque” diet which recommends alternating extremely low calorie days with normal calorie days: “If you don’t like tomatoes you won’t like this diet, which the author acknowledges might not work and could even be dangerous. Don’t try it if you have medical problems, an eating disorder or take meds for heart disease, diabetes, hypertension or stroke – in short, if you suffer from any of the myriad health problems often associated with being unpleasingly plump.”

On “How the Rich Get Thin,” she offers the following, “When she arrived at Klauer’s Park Avenue doorstep, this “dynamic mover and shaker in the world of public relations” had lost her zip; she was fat, fatigued and flaky. “For a woman accustomed to being in the limelight, this was a most unhappy state of affairs,” Klauer confides breathlessly. Fortunately for Dianne, her assistant became adept at calling restaurants in advance to ask for crudités instead of a bread basket on her table.”

On the “Skinny Bitch” she opines, “A chapter about the low-carb craze is titled “The Dead, Rotting, Decomposing Flesh Diet.” A sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying bully of a book with an attitude on every page and a potentially obnoxious political agenda.”