Practice the habit while you’re young

If there is one issue I’ve heard too many times in my life, it concerns the human back. Why do so many people acquire back afflictions? Hmm, this is a complicated question. In all honesty, your particular back dilemma could involve genetics. However, most back pains and troubles people end up with concerns how they proceed in everyday life. This means that you’re probably most walking erect and sitting up straight in your chair. Both habits can lead to back troubles. What you may need is a lower back exercise to strengthen your muscles. This solution is much better than acquiring horrible back troubles.

This is how it goes. I always recommend that my kids adopt proper habits from day one. I honestly feel like I am doing them a huge favor by encouraging this. Number one; always sit up straight in your chair. Whether it’s in a classroom, at the kitchen table or in a vehicle doesn’t matter. This habit will do right by your spine and back. Not to mention that it will aid you for the future. Practice the habit while you’re young and you will do it naturally in the future. Number two; sleep on a quality mattress. This plays a big part in the condition of your back and spinal alignment. Also, you will wake up rested better the following day. And then there is the ever-popular lower back exercise. Okay, who am I kidding? It’s anything but popular. However, it is beneficial to your back. I certainly suggest that most people start a lower back exercise routine simple due to the fact that it will keep your back strong for when you’re older. It’s always prudent to take the future into consideration as well. Far too many people only consider the present. This is a mistake that may leave you with a bum back.

Can’t find a decent lower back exercise that will strengthen your back? Have no fear; the Internet is near. I’ll bet you can find several back exercises if you get online and take a surf. The lower back exercise I prefer involves lying flat on your stomach and arching upward toward the ceiling. It’s a killer at first, but as with everything, you get used to it. Don’t let lower back troubles affect your life.