Play Better Golf Through Exercise

Play better golf. Isn’t that what every golfer thinks about 24/7? Golf can be the most humbling game you will ever play…but we keep coming back for more. To play better golf consistently you need to look at the source.

Do you really think it’s your equipment? How much money have you invested on new equipment only to see the same game show up on the course? No it’s not your equipment.

How about lessons? I am a firm believer in swing mechanics to play better golf. If you don’t have a clear understanding of them, you will never improve. But have you taken lessons only to get more frustrated with your game? What I mean is…you just took a lesson and you’re excited to go play. You get to the course and can’t “find your swing”. You’re thinking of too many tips and become locked up on the course.

So what’s left?

One guess? You’re looking right at it. YOU!

In order to play better golf your body has to have a reasonable level of strength, flexibility, endurance and ENERGY! You can’t get this hitting more balls; taking more lessons; or buying more equipment.

You attain this “off the course” through exercise. I know what you’re thinking…ugh.

No…wait…it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t need to get a gym membership. You don’t have to spend hours a day. You don’t have to kill yourself. You just have to devise a plan that is efficient and tailored to YOUR needs.

If you really want to play better golf…this is the only way to achieve it quickly.

How many times have you walked off the course in disgust? You know you can do better, but your body just won’t do what your brain wants it to do. I hear this all the time. In fact, I’ve received hundreds of emails saying just that.

My answer is the same every time!

To play better golf you’ve got to improve your range of motion specific to golf, as well as your strength for all phases of the golf swing.

The most important aspect for improving distance is rotational strength and flexibility. The ability to rotate back to a full 90 degree shoulder turn; store up all that energy in your core; and then unleash it during the downswing…crushing that ball.

Now that’s a fun game when that happens.

So focus on improving your range of motion and strength from a rotational standpoint. That doesn’t take a gym or fancy equipment. All it takes is simple equipment like dumbbells (hand weights), an exercise ball and exercise tubing.

With this equipment you can literally break down the swing into multiple phases and do golf exercises for each phase. You won’t find many of these exercises in the “so-called” golf fitness books in the store. All you’ll see is the golfer “sitting” in a machine in a gym.

That’s not fitness for golf; that’s “general fitness” Not altogether a bad thing, but won’t help your game at all.

I hope I’ve given you food for thought.

The ultimate goal is to “play better golf!”