Martial Arts Exercises

When thinking of exercising you need to think about Martial Arts exercises, in specific, Hapkido Training. These Exercises help to improve Martial Arts. The benefits of doing this exercise is the fact you are working out and you do not get out breath doing these. You will also learn, as I did, self-defense in the process. Knowing how to protect you and your loved ones is an excellent motivator; I know it was for me. These exercises will increase your cardiovascular and help tone your muscles to where you can increase your strength, power, speed, quickness and jumping abilities.

I noticed that my flexibility was greatly improved which lessened the over all discomfort and stiffness associated with many other exercises. The kickboxing itself will help improve your mobility.

I also noticed that my overall outlook on life was greatly improved, which made my days more enjoyable and pleasurable. Many people comment that their anger is increased by not feeling well, or due to a lack of energy.

As a parent of a child who takes martial arts, you might notice that his or her attitude about everything is better along with improved schoolwork. You might even notice that his or her other sports activities improved and he or she will want to participate.

These following exercises are design with specifics parts of the body and will help your Exercises to improve Martial Arts. The first exercise we will go over is the Basic Squat. To do the Basic Squat properly, you need to face directly forward, while placing your feet a little farther apart than your shoulders. Keep your upper body and back straight, with your hands in the forward fighting positions. Once you are in this position, slowly bend your knees while keeping everywhere else still. Keep your head and eyes straightforward. Once you have lowered yourself to where your thighs are parallel with the ground slowly raise back up.

Remember to start out slowly, and once you and your body get comfortable doing them, you can increase your pace and repetitions.

Next is kicking. With kicking, you should start out slowly, going to the basic first and working your way into more advanced kicks. I do not recommend jumping or round house kicks until you and your legs have adjusted properly. Also be sure to alternate from one leg to another.

Once you have mastered kicking, you can move onto Squat Kicking. To Squat Kick, you need to start out in a basic squat position and this time, when you raise up, carry out your kick starting out with your right leg first. Repeat this until you are confident enough and your legs is used to the action and then move onto your left leg.

As with any exercise, I warn you to use caution. You will also want to wear the appropriate clothing, these need to be loose enough to move around in but not too loose to where you trip over them. Each of these Exercises helps to improve Martial Arts.