Making Sparks Online

Online Dating: Making Sparks Online!: Get the partner of your dreams, even with no online dating experience! (Online Dating, Online Dating Tips, Online and Internet Dating Advice, Dating Strategies)
by Roger Patrick Smith and Genevieve Nicholas

Learn the ultimate secrets for lasting success in online dating!

This guide moves you in the right direction to greatly increase your rate of success when embarking on your online dating adventure. Beyond basic tips, this book delves into the core of what to put in your profile as well as the profile you should base your search on.

Here is a brief preview…
–The “Value System,” which unlocks the secret of why some online dates are disasterous and why others are magical!
–The “Pipeline System” which helps you avoid being dateless for the weekend.
–A simple approach to messaging.
–Evaluating yourself on every level to make yourself the most attractive you can be!
–An online dater’s real-life disasterous dates and what you can learn from them!
–Why trying to impress others is a pathway to misery.
–What both men and women can expect from online dating.
–Avoiding online dating scammers.

If you are a teen looking for a prom date, a lonely college grad in a new city, or newly divorced with two kids, this book will help you to re-center on what is most important. It even works for finding true love if you are over 50, baby boomer or senior!

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