Little Known Secrets about Diets

Prom night is almost here. You’ve put on just a few extra pounds and now your tummy is starting to show just a little. And unfortunately, most prom dresses don’t leave any room to grow. But don’t worry. If you still have a few weeks left until prom night, you can take these simple steps to get those extra pounds off. You’ll feel light on your feet and glow with fashion and pride on that special evening.

Foods to Avoid until the Prom

Over the next few weeks, try to avoid foods high in carbohydrates such as pasta and bread. Check labels for substitute items or for items with fewer carbohydrates. Avoid regular soft drinks as well and replace these with diet soft drinks, Gatorade, or flavored water. Carbohydrate-rich foods as well as soft drinks tend to cause bloating in many people. Even the slightest bloating that normally wouldn’t affect the fit of your regular clothing could make your prom dress too snug. Remember, you’re going to be dancing and moving about so you’ll need some breathing room in your formal eveningwear.

Try to avoid junk foods such as snack cakes, candy bars, and potato chips. Choose healthier snacks such as baked chips, nuts and cashews, raisins, low-fat ice cream or yogurt. These can be eaten in moderation without worry of putting on more pounds.

Other things to limit include whole milk, casserole dishes, and fried foods. And, steer clear of the fast food restaurants over the next few weeks!

Foods to Eat before Prom Night

As mentioned previously, prom dresses tend to be less forgiving than regular clothing so you must choose your foods wisely these last few weeks. Choose foods that burn fat and tone the body. Foods high in protein such as chicken, beef, fish, pork, and lamb are excellent fat burners, especially when carbohydrate intake is limited. Eat meats in moderation along with healthy green or yellow vegetables at each meal.

Between meals, snack on fruits or veggies such as apples, grapes, oranges, bananas, strawberries, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes, pears, and peaches. These all help keep your body healthy, increase energy levels, and keep off those extra pounds.

With each meal, eat smaller portions so your tummy will shrink. You’ll notice a significant difference within just a few weeks.

Prom Dresses and Water

Water is always good for your body, and it’s good for prom dresses too! Drink six to eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day to hydrate your body. This helps reduce bloating, gives you an energy boost, and beautifies your skin and complexion. Water also helps to deter those food cravings. Oftentimes, we are thirsty when we think we’re hungry. Drink water every time you feel hungry to see if the feeling goes away. You might be surprised at how much less you’ll eat.

Exercise for Toning

To tone up your body before the prom, create a daily exercise routine that includes stomach crunches, arm lifts, walking, jogging, or bike riding. These can help tone your tummy, legs and arms for that special evening. Avoid rigorous exercises, and focus on consistency rather than performance.

Note of Warning

Be sure to consult with your physician before starting a short-term or long-term diet and exercise plan. Every individual is different and has different needs, so ask your doctor which plan is right for you, especially if you have any health problems.

These tips can also apply for other formal occasions where evening gowns must be worn such as a homecoming or Quinceanera event. With proper diet and exercise, you’ll look fabulous in your prom dress!