iPod Workout Playlist for Exercise Motivation

If you’re like most people, you probably have a favorite band, artist or type of music that inspires you to move your body. It’s as if some songs become a part of you and next thing you know, you’re tapping your feet, drumming your fingers on the table or swaying your head from side to side. Good music makes you want to move. In fact, it’s almost out of your control. If you’re looking for exercise motivation, why not use this phenomenon in your favor. You can easily create your very own, personalized workout playlist.

The beauty of the iPod is the ability to create multiple playlists. Thanks to playlists, you can carry music to fit all your moods and activities in a package smaller than a cassette tape (anyone remember those?) Not only that, you can access each playlist individually so you can find a mood and stick with it as long as you want.

That said, let’s start creating your iPod workout playlist. I won’t go into every minute detail of creating a playlist here, that’s a whole other article. You can easily find workout playlist information by going to Google, and typing in ‘workout playlist.’

Once you’re ready, make a playlist. Call it “workout” or any other name that suits your style. Make it a goal to select at least 20 songs either currently in your music library or at the iTunes music store. Find songs that make you want to tap your feet and shake your hips. Look specifically for music that pumps you up, motivates you and makes you want to move your body.

Of course we all have different musical tastes so there’s no right or wrong genre or type of song to put on the playlist. In fact, I currently have 70’s funk, 80’s punk, hip hop, rap, electronica and drum and bass on my list. The main criterion for songs on your list is that they all motivate you to move your body. Here are a couple of points to consider when choosing the songs:

1. Listen for a Consistent Beat – Make sure the songs have a steady beat throughout the entire track. Songs that have a fast beat then a slow beat then a fast beat again might cause you to get out of rhythm. This can become discouraging rather than motivating. The BPM (Beats Per Minute) on your tracks should also be somewhat consistent. This will help you maintain momentum. If you don’t follow this guideline, it’s okay. When a song comes up that’s too slow or fast for the pace you’re at you can always forward to the next song.

2. Listen for Positive, Inspiring Lyrics – Choose songs with lyrics that inspire you or make you feel positive. If the song is about negative events or troubled times, it might slow you down. Choose songs that make you feel like “I can do this, I won’t quit, This feels great, I am alive!” With songs like this, you’ll be so motivated by the music that you might even forget you’re exercising.

Keep in mind that if you have more songs in your music library than your iPod can hold, you’ll need to specify in your iPod options that you want your workout playlist to be on your iPod at all times. When your iPod is connected to the computer and iTunes is open, simply right-click on the picture of your iPod and choose ‘iPod Options.’ In the iPod / Music tab you’ll have the opportunity to pick and choose which playlists to have on your iPod.

Once you complete these steps, you’ll have workout motivation that you can keep with you at all times. Therefore, regardless of your travel schedule, traffic hang ups, late nights at the office or unforeseen interruptions, you can put on some comfy shoes, turn on your workout playlist and start moving. In fact, since the iPod is so portable, you might want to mix up your workout by dancing in your living room or going outdoors for a walk or a bike ride. Take various routes around your neighborhood and explore new ground. Get inspired by your neighbor’s landscaping or say hi to local business people just to keep things interesting. The possibilities are endless.