How To Improve Short And Long Term Memory

Learning how to improve short and long term memory is a common quest for many people journeying along the path of self improvement.

As you read through the whole of this article, with attention to detail and without skimming, you will discover some simple but effective tips. You will also discover a web resource that you will want to visit in order to get your free memory improvement guide.

We’re aware that its possible to strengthen our body through physical exercise but do we also know that its equally possible to improve the brain and consequently the short term and the long term memory, through regular, planned and increasing more challenging exercise.

Common research suggests that we can all improve our memory through simple daily brain activities.

Try these simple brain exercises right now and see an immediate improvement:

Can you remember 15 details of your life at the time of the death of Diana Princess of Wales? Or can you recall where you were when the news that Elvis had passed away was announced? Don’t force yourself to remember. It’s not a case of racking your brain. Indeed that would be an absolute hindrance to what we are trying to achieve. Simply relax and allow your mind to wander and for thoughts to come and go as they please. If possible close your eyes and allow the subconscious to paint its own colorful abstracts.

This activity is simple and is ideal if you desire to know how to improve short and long term memory.

How about trying this if on a long journey: relax again and set your mind a simple exercise and try to think of as many words with the letter as possible. Maybe choose a specific topic, such as names of people or animals, or minerals, or whatever. Then simply progress through the letters of the alphabet. Again there’s really no need to strive but just relax into the activity and allow your mind, the deeper thoughts to come through. You’ll be astounded with how much surfaces when you’re not trying.

Tat seems to be the case with our memory doesn’t it? In the frantic search for the car keys, something each of us has experienced we can’t for the life of it, find them. But as we stop the search and begin to relax the memory or the thought about where we might possibly look next comes up trumps and we find what we were so diligently seeking. Amazing, isn’t it!
Stress and Memory Improvement Techniques

Perhaps the greatest threats to our capacity to improve our memory is stress. You see when you are suffering from stress, in whatever form, your system will release high levels of cortisol into your bloodstream. Cortisol has the effect of destroying glucose – and, quite simply, glucose is the brain’s only source of food. So if your brain is not getting the nutrients it needs then it will not function as well.

There are many resources on the web that will teach you how to improve short and long term memory. All it takes is a simple Google search. More specifically you should also go to and enrol into the FREE University of the Mind Immense Memory Course. Peter Wellington is the author of “Immense Memory – University of the Mind.”