Gazelle exercise

Gazelle exercise equipment has been gaining popularity for the past few years. Many people are drawn to this smooth device because of its sleek, convenient design and its effectiveness. If you want to purchase a machine that won’t end up collecting dust (or coats) you might want to consider Gazelle exercise equipment for your home use.

When my machine arrived I was surprised to discover that the box could be moved so easily. The entire unit weighs about 80 pounds in the box so it was relatively easy to cart around. Gazelle exercise equipment is light and portable though it is quite large in overall size. The light frame really comes as a pleasant surprise when you first move the product.

Assembly of the Gazelle exercise equipment is simple. The item comes will all of the necessary tools aside from a common screwdriver. The parts are organized so well that just about anyone can put the Gazelle exercise equipment together with little effort. The ease of assembly was a real benefit for us that made this particular purchase extra exciting.

The machine is also perfect for storage. I love that I can work out and have the Gazelle exercise equipment stored away in a matter of minutes. The item is rather large so I really like to keep it stored out of sight. The compact fold up design is perfect for putting the device away. This also prevents it from becoming a coat rack.

One thing to consider when using the Gazelle exercise equipment is how much room you will actually need. The machine is sizeable but it requires even more room as you use it in your workout. The legs move significantly making the space needed for your workout a lot bigger than you may expect. Trying out the Gazelle exercise equipment before dedicating a space for it is a good idea.

The only complaint I have about the product is the annoying squeaking sound it makes when in use. This is a minor annoyance that really doesn’t matter once you get used to the sound. I listen to music with earphones while I work out and this is the perfect solution to the sound problem for me.

All and I find the Gazelle exercise equipment to be easy to use, easy to store and a pure joy to use. It is so kind to my joints and I never have to worry about injuring my knees.