Fitness Is The Best Revenge

Staying Fit Is The Best Revenge

There are more people getting fitter after forty than ever before.

We now know that it is possible, and desirable, to keep exercising into old age.

Exercise will help prevent the onset of many diseases associated with old age, i.e. arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation, heart disease, obesity. The benefits are endless.

Exercise is also known to improve the libido. This is due to improved blood flow to all the organs.

OK, Hugh Heffner needs to use a little Viagra, but when you are as active as him, at his age, it’s to be expected. Last I heard he had three lovers who he was faithful to and kept satisfied. I can’t wait to get to his age!

There are senior weight lifters setting new records almost daily. Senior bodybuilders are destroying the younger competitors. Athletes in every field are being amazed by the seniors.

This is not to say that the oldies are as fast as the youngsters in top competition, “but they are darn close”

You do not have to compete against others to enjoy fitness. Just find something that is fun.

Walking is a great exercise and if you get away from all the traffic it is most relaxing. If you feel strange walking on your own why not take the dog out more often. If you don’t have a dog, borrow one, I’m sure there is an elderly person near you who would be glad of a dog walker.

How about starting a dog walking business? There are loads of people who are working long hours and do not have the time to walk their dogs. Getting paid to exercise sounds like a winner to me. It’s also a good way to meet like minded people and make friends.

Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. Most pools have adult only sessions so you will not be dive bombed by spotty youths. Swimming is a gentle exercise that takes the strain of joints and today’s heated pools are a great benefit to sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism.

If you have not done any exercise for a long time you need to start of gently. It took years to turn you into a couch potato and you can not become an Adonis overnight.

The main thing is to start slowly without forcing anything. If you have not done any walking (except to the hypermarket) for a few years then a walk of a few hundred yards may feel like a marathon but it will be a start. Walk a little further each day and it will become easier. If you are with a dog, play fetch, it will get a few more muscles working and the dog will love you more.

If you can only swim a few feet before stopping for breath, that’s OK. Go again a few days later and swim a bit further before catching your breath. You will soon be swimming lengths of the pool with ease.

If you decide to work out in the gym, do not try to lift the whole rack of weights on your first day, maybe day 2. Start out with an empty bar until you get a feel for the exercises and then slowly add weight as you master the movements.

Perform only one set of each exercise the first few times you work out. You will feel like doing more but this will only set you up for sore muscles the next few days, and may even make you to sore to go to work.

Take time to learn strict form with each exercise and do not jerk the weights. Ask advice from the instructors, it’s what they are paid for.

Do not forget to warm up and do some stretches before starting any vigorous exercise. This warm up becomes more important as we get older and will help prevent injuries and lay offs.

The programs you see on the TV are not real life (that goes on outside in the real world) they are scripted. Do you want to be a lazy couch potato or youthful and active? The choice is yours.