fitness in my home

I hear more about exercise and fitness in my home than most families endure. Okay, I admit that’s a mere guess, but it has to be true. I’m talking day in and day out. There’s always something being discussed between my wife and our teenage daughter. Now, here’s the funny part; neither of them are consistent with their routines. They will get on this big exercise kick and do it three days straight and then they’ll quit for like a week. That’s not a plan! It’s hilarious to watch them discuss the latest firm exercise on their regime, but then never see then do it. What are they thinking? Can you relate to this?

There’s something I’ve noticed about women. Most of them who are looking for a fitness regime, want an effective firm exercise. They want those thighs slimed down and toned and their butts tight. This is a common desire for women. Men on the other hand typically grapple with other issues. Maybe they’re looking to trim off the gut or beef up the biceps. I should know; I am one that goes for the weight training. I am not looking for a firm exercise. I’m already firm as it is. I want more mass. Now, what is the difference? Well, this sort of information will vary from person to person. Some professionals will tell you to focus on cardio first, if you’re looking to drop several pounds. Then they will push you toward the firm exercise routine with weight training. However, I caught the series “Workout,” and the specialist on this show encouraged one of her overweight clients to tackle both at the same time. Spend a few days a week on heavy cardio, and a couple with weights. This way you’re burning oodles of calories, shedding fat, and gaining muscle. That means you won’t be able to go by the scale. Since your body is acquiring muscle, it will naturally gain weight.

You can go every firm exercise you please until the sun goes down, but the truth is you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for without the proper diet. What you consume is essential to toning and making your body look great. It must be properly nourished or it won’t succeed.