fancy when it comes to getting fit

There are so many great ways to get in shape these days. Just take your pick from the masses. Would you prefer a jog through the park, a membership at the Y, a lifecycle exercise bike, or possibly a fancy treadmill? I love the choice factor. It’s clear that we don’t all enjoy the same routines. Diversity is essential in the fitness process. This is how we’re all able to get our exercise on. Personally I prefer free weights. On the other hand, my wife prefers heavy cardio routines. What tickles your fancy when it comes to getting fit? Oh, and remember, something is always better than nothing at all.

Maybe it’s high time you checked into the latest technology. Have you even seen some of the new-age recumbent bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines and weight training systems? There is a plethora to pick and choose from. My mother just purchased a fancy lifecycle exercise bike. I was stoked when she told me about it. I have been wanting her to jump on the exercise bandwagon so badly. It’s always difficult to watch your parents get out of shape as you grow up. Suddenly they’re overweight with diabetes. Well, that’s my mother anyway. On the up-side, she is now retired. That lifecycle exercise bike was long past due. I told her if she wants to watch television, that’s fine. Just do it while you’re pedaling away on that new lifecycle exercise bike. Get your exercise in at the same time. 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week is commonly recommended these days. If you’re accomplishing this, then you’re well ahead of many. Whatever you do, don’t stop the routine. This fitness ritual is essential for good health.

QVC is such a big supplier of exercise equipment now days. Hey, it may sound a little amusing, but I’m not joking. What does your mother watch? Ah ha, it’s QVC, right? This is where all those older folks are going to purchase their stuff. This is exactly where my mother found her lifecycle exercise bike. Now she is looking into getting one of those popular elliptical machines. I told her to go for it! If your parents ever consult you about exercise and fitness, encourage them as best you can. It will really improve their health.