Exercise Training For Golf

Exercise training for golf is what every golfer who is serious about improving their golf swing power and mechanics should be focusing on…especially senior golfers in the “off-season” or winter months.

If you’ve read any of my articles you’ll know where I’m coming from.

“Your body dictates your golf swing!”

“A broken body will never achieve optimal golf performance”.

“You are only as good as your ‘physical limitations’ will allow you.”

You heard it hear first. My quotes above are “my quotes” that I have used for over 10 years with golfers of all ages, abilities and sexes.

I have seen it thousands of times throughout the past 10 years. Golfers getting so frustrated they want to quit the game.

They’ve taken lessons. They’ve practiced til their hands bled. And they own the latest/greatest equipment.


They are NOT playing any better!


Because their body is keeping them from what they think they can do. There is a gap between the mind and the body.

You can will a great game in your mind as much as you want, but if your body isn’t capable…it will NEVER happen!

Those are the cold hard facts.

The sooner you realize your body is the “magic bullet’, the sooner you can start your exercise training for golf and see real results.

These results will be long-lasting too!

No band-aid swing fixes that don’t even last for 18 holes.

Your exercise training for golf program should focus on your personal, physical limitations to save time and money. Eliminate your limitations and watch your golf game soar!

I’m here to MOTIVATE you…not sugar-coat it!

It’s time to regain those lost yards off the tee, and get back to shooting scores you did years ago!

Get started right now on your program of exercise for golf.