exercise machines

Abs are a huge deal! Have you noticed this lately? I was just watching a film entitled “The Covenant” with my wife, and couldn’t help but notice the physiques. One character in this movie had ridiculous abdominal muscles. I’m talking ripped to shreds here. I couldn’t help but laugh since no athlete I saw in high school had abs like this. Sure high school kids work out, but this guy looked like he was training for a fitness magazine. Oh, and not to mention that he looked about 25 years old. He must have invested in some major abdominal exercise machines. It’s either that or some really cool genetics.

You can take your pick from an abundance of abdominal exercise machines on the fitness market today. Who doesn’t have a bright idea for some new and improved ab invention? It’s kind of funny because I was just reading a piece on abdominal muscles last weekend. Personally I like to switch-up my workout regimes just to keep my muscles guessing. This typically promotes more growth. Anyway, the article said nothing promoting abdominal exercise machines. In fact, it didn’t mention them at all. It named the three most effective abdominal exercises, which are all performed without the contemporary abdominal exercise machines. The first one was the bicycle motion. This is performed while lying on your back. You pretend like you’re pedaling a bicycle and bring your elbows to your knees. The second ab exercise is crunches. These are highly recommended since they put very little stress on your back. And the third was also crunches, but crunches done with the aid of a chair to prop your legs on. I tried these and it’s a great one. I found that it really started burning quickly. I love that!

In short, before you run out and purchase the latest abdominal exercise machines, I suggest that you do a little reading online first. This will help you better understand how the abs are properly worked and exhausted. The last thing you want is to adopt an ab exercise that damages your back over time. Furthermore, the recommended exercise routines are free; unlike modern-day abdominal exercise machines. You do the math. On the other hand, I do suggest that you try a few different exercises so that you can determine which one offers the best results.