Exercise Bike

Perhaps one of the best selling pieces of exercise equipment ever invented is the exercise bike. These were some of the first things ever offered to the public that actually did the body some good. They have been around for a long time, and will probably always be around in some from or another. Though they started out very simple, they now come in many forms with many different advances and new technologies. Some are large, some are compact, and some don’t even look much like a bike.

There are many exercise bikes sitting in people’s attics or basements. Everyone buys one with the best of intentions but they end up pushing them aside after a while. This happens with a lot of pieces of equipment, and is often a running joke within families. My dad has an exercise bike that went from his living room to his bedroom. It then went into his office, out to his porch and is now back in his living room. I’m glad at least that no matter how many times he has moved it that he is, as least, still using it to some degree.

You can get a simple exercise bike that lets you pedal away. It may offer you various tension settings and perhaps an odometer. You may find many of the older models have this, and this is all you really need to get a good workout. Some new versions of exercise bike come with a digital readout that will tell you how far you have gone and even might help you determine how many calories you have burned or what your heart rate might be. These can be useful if you have gotten specific instructions from your doctor on getting your heart rate up to a certain point.

If you don’t want something fancy in an exercise bike, you might ask around to see if someone in your family has one you can use. You may be surprised to find that many of your relatives have an exercise bike hidden away that they once hoped to use on a daily basis. They may be sheepish when they admit they have one, but they may very well be happy to see it being put to good use. Remember that once you have the exercise bike in your hands that they best thing you can do for yourself is use it. Even if you don’t know to lose weight, this type of exercise is great to get you in a good mood and to relieve stress.