Do You Visualize Whilst You Are Doing Breathing Exercises

Q. I find breathing exercises very boring is there anything I can do to make less boring?

Have you ever used visualization when you are doing your breathing exercises, a lot of people think that breathing exercises are only a manner of sitting down and concentrating as they inhale exhale, which to the outsider can seem as being very boring and monotonous but here’s a few things you can try out the next time, try…

• concentrating on a particular colour on inhalation and another colour on exhalation (for example some colour you link with calmness or purity, and another colour for stress or impurity)

• having a picture in your mind of your body and as you breathe in, think of all the extra parts of your lungs that have been under used because of bad breathing habits.

• Taking a breath and picturing the air coming into your body from different areas (such as the soles of the feet for example.)

It can especially seem complicated for beginners when starting out to do breathing exercises as you can’t see the muscles that they are working on but by visualizing their lungs in action in their mind it makes it all the easier to do…and remember when you’re doing your breathing exercises you’re not really learning anything new but undoing all the bad habits you’ve picked up over the years.