chest exercise

When exercising it’s crucial to focus on your whole body. I am guilty, like many individuals are, of focusing on just part of it. Now, I’m not telling you to completely trash your current fitness regime for a new one. I’m just pointing out the fact that many of us forget about or dismiss particular areas. Take me for example. I am a man and want to build my upper body. This is fairly common, no doubt. I don’t see too many guys in the local gym working their legs. We men want buff torsos and bulging biceps. That’s just the way we think. It’s what society has deemed attractive and manly. It wasn’t until recently that I started a more grueling chest exercise. It was high time I formed some pectorals.

So, what is the part of your physique that you neglect? For now it will be the legs for me. Although I’m fully aware of why total body exercise is imperative, I want to put most of the focus on my chest. Now, what about an effective chest exercise? Do you have one hiding up your sleeve? Personally, I did some heavy reading on this. It was all information I discovered on the World-Wide-Web. I had to find the ideal and most effective chest exercise known to man. What I found was not quite what I expected. First of all, the best chest exercise to my knowledge is the bench press. This exercise works the whole chest, triceps and shoulders. It’s one of the top four weight training exercises for building the most muscle mass. I’d say that this makes it a chest exercise worth your while. Don’t forget that there are three basic types of bench press. You have the incline, decline and the flat bench. Each work different aspect of your pectorals. In addition to this exercise, you may want to add the flys. This is the one you can do with dumbbells, while lying on your bench. You will feel those pecs burn by the next day. This is good, because the muscles can now heal bigger.

Okay, so with the chest exercise, like any other exercise, sets and reps are important. If you’re striving to build up your chest, then heavy weights/lower reps are correct. Do at least four sets. Also, you’ll want to rest after your chest exercise. Wait a week to do your next routine. The rest period is when the muscles are actually growing.