Cause of Asthma

An attack of asthma is an agonising experience, and none there are who would willingly go through a further attack if they knew of any means whereby such attacks could be averted. Unfortunately for the asthma sufferer, Medical Science offers no means of treatment whereby the condition can be really cleared up and the possibility of future dread attacks banished once and for all. Medical methods of dealing with the disease centre solely around the employment of certain drugs to bring relief to the sufferer during an attack, and no more. But such drugs are highly dangerous in the extreme, and the relief they bring is purchased at the cost of the further deterioration of the health of the sufferer. So that asthma treated along orthodox medical lines invariably tends to become worse and worse under treatment.

Happy, however, is the asthma sufferer who comes into touch with natural methods of treatment, for by such treatment his condition unless very severe and of long standing ¡ª can be very much improved, if not definitely cured, in a large number of cases. Natural treatment does not aim at just trying to palliate the effects of an asthmatical attack; it aims at purifying the system of the toxic matter which is at the root of the trouble, and so effectually preventing the occurrence of further attacks. At the same time the whole general health-level of the sufferer is built up by the treatment, and many an erstwhile sufferer from asthma has been heard to declare that Natural Cure has made a completely new man of him, as well as ridding him of the nightmare of ever-recurring asthma attacks. To Learn how we can recover from asthma forever, please visit

Asthma may be connected with other respiratory diseases in the same person, such as bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc., but many people suffer from asthma who have no other sign of serious chest complaint of any kind. Thus it can be seen that it is not chest trouble as such which is needed to set up an asthmatic condition in any givenindividual.

The whole point about asthma is that it is a nervous condition affecting the breathing of the sufferer, and can be brought on from a variety of constitutional causes, the chief of which is disturbance of function of the digestive organs. The stomach and bronchi and bronchial tubes are connected by the vagus nerve, and by reflex action digestive disturbance can so affect the bronchi and bronchial tubes that the passage of air through them is restricted, and an asthmatical attack precipitated. Obviously, a catarrhal condition of the bronchial tubes will tend to make the appearance of asthma more likely than otherwise, and a highly nervous and run-down condition of the system will also conduce to its development.

Still, no matter what combination of causes there may be acting together to set up asthma in any given individual, the method by which the trouble should be tackled is quite simple and obvious really. What is needed is a thorough internal cleansing of the system (especially of the digestive organs and air apparatus), and the building up of the tone of the whole organism. In this way the asthma bogy can be laid completely in many cases, providing other serious complications do not happen to be present.